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Based on various data being obtained via the system, the following reports can be created..

Our strengths:

Report Generation:

  • Vehicle Speed Violation
  • ATotal Distance traveled vehicle wise / date range wise
  • Path taken by vehicle /date range wise
  • Vehicle start time / stop time / idle / halt / tow-away / date range wise
  • ~ Emergency report vehicle wise / date range wise/
  • Driver profiling report
  • Geo fencing violation
  • Vehicle wise dispatcher acceptance / rejection report
  • Trip Reports


On Map level (GIS)


  • Route Taken based on date / time / mode / vehicle basis
  • Online Tracking
  • Emergency points
  • eparate Icons of vehicle to show stop, moving, idle, invalid, over speed


Special Reports on Mark 1 Product (for BPO companies)


  • Misuse report (i.e wrong reporting time, unnecessary stoppage, stopping at sensitive location)
  • Female Employee tracking (if linked to internal database)
  • Employee wise Travel time and distance.
  • Monitors speed driving, triggering SMS Alerts on occurrence
  • Engine Immobilized by Mobile SMS & Web.
  • Passenger versus vehicle efficiency report


Typical reports


Online vehicle movement



Panic Reports



Halt-age report



Trip Summary Report



Speed violation report






Special report for BPO / Employee tracking requirements



Employee wise pickup points with card